Miami Beach Bandshell Canopy

Pvillion was approached by The Rhythm Foundation, a not-for-profit organization highlighting live music in Miami, to design and build a solar powered architectural canopy. The mission was as follows – add a canopy that will provide shade from the sun and rain protection in keeping with and honoring this historical cultural facility. Pvilion’s compelling design was quickly accepted by the City of Miami Beach.

The final design is a functional work of art. The circular geometry of the canopy is designed to be economical, elegant and effective. The look of the canopy was inspired by the beloved circular forms originally designed by the renowned Miami Modern architect Norman N. Giller. In addition to its fun and practical design, the canopy’s shape allows it to work similarly to an inverted umbrella or in fashion with Miami Beach, a martini glass, with an enhanced drainage system to account for water. The durable fabric of the canopy can withstand most Florida wind thresholds and can also be retracted in the event of a hurricane. The canopy continues the play of circles and cantilevers as it spans 70’ on a single column over the original terrazzo dance floor. The canopy is also adorned with decorative energy efficient, solar powered, turtle-friendly lights around the perimeter.

Architect on Record: Giller & Giller, Inc

General Contractor: Design – Build Construction, Inc.