Increase Space and Make Educational Facilities Safer with Pvilion’s Solar Structures

Pvilion Solar Products Used By Schools

Since the start of Covid-19, schools and campuses have been faced with the challenges of operating within the social distance guidelines and began to shift many classroom activities outdoors. Today, many schools and campuses still value optional outdoor space and choose Pvilion solar canopy structures. Pvilion offers products that are light weight, flexible, and easy to install, yet durable and energy efficient. The Pvilion design supports unique space requirements and customizations for any facility. Pvilion’s technology has become a quick and reliable structure solution. Not only can Pvilion solar canopies be erected and electrically operational in a short amount of time, but they can also be relocated easily.

Pvilion solar canopies provide space within which students can gather to learn, while being protected from the elements and maintaining safe social distances. Pvilion’s products can be used for lighting, air conditioning, heating and to power mobile devices such as laptop computers and cellular phones.

Pvilion also offers an optional educational solar dashboard that provides live information regarding how much power is available in the batteries, how much power is generated by the solar panels, and how much power is drawn by the devices plugged in.


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