Anchor Industries: Clip-On Event Tent Attachment Kit

Continue hosting events with your favorite outdoor frame tent, now with all the benefits of solar powered energy. Pvilion’s clip-on fabric solar panels allow you to feature charging stations, coffee makers, fans, speakers, lights, televisions, or any other power needs you may have with ease when you host events.

Pvilion is an industry leader in providing solar powered fabric structures that are lightweight, flexible, easy to install, yet durable, energy efficient and above all environmentally friendly. Pvilion’s products are turnkey and support unique space and location configurations. Anchor Industries Inc, with Pvilion’s state-of-the-art technology, offers a cost effective, quick and reliable outdoor structure solution. The clip-on kit includes fabric solar panels that can be installed quickly and with ease. It’s perfect for Anchor’s F3 tent, and can be used on other tents as well.

The clip-on attachment can power charging stations, coffee makers, fans, microphones, speakers, lights, televisions and other small devices. Covered by solar cell integrated fabric and complete with a battery kit, the event tent clip-on attachment, when setup in a location that receives sunlight, can be operated independently. The solar fabric is flexible, yet durable and energy efficient. Enjoy the peaceful silence of a battery powering your next event. NO MORE NOISY GENERATORS DISRUPTING YOUR EVENTS!