Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining

Venture Outside in Style and Comfort with Pvilion

Pvilion Invites You to Step Outside to Solar Powered Comfort

As the world steps outside again, businesses want to continue to utilize outdoor space, but in less haphazard way. They want to define outdoor space as place where people can gather, eat, drink and socialize in comfort, while still having the feel of being outside. Pvilion is meeting this demand with its solar-powered fabric structures that are not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing.

Pvilion’s solar canopy structures are light weight, flexible, and easy to install, yet durable and energy efficient, and can be erected and electrically operational within a minimal amount of time.

Pvilion is a specialist in providing outdoor structures within which guests can gather all while being protected from the elements. The integrated solar fabric captures environmentally safe power from the sun. Power that can be used for lighting, air conditioning, heating and to power mobile devices such as laptop computers and cellular phones.

Though architects and designers have been bringing the outdoors inside for decades – water fountains and gardens with trees inside corporate buildings and shopping malls – pushing indoor elements outside is new. Hotels and restaurants are working with Pvilion to create outdoor “green” spaces that are not only environmentally sustainable, but stress reducing, letting guests become more relaxed. With decades of experience in tensile structure design and flexible solar technology integration, Pvilion’s product line includes stand-alone USB charging or grid-tied long span structures, canopies, solar sails, and awnings.

Recent technological advances have made solar power more economical. Its proven advantage over fossil fuels is that its use causes no environmental harm. As a result, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters, et. al. – continue installing Pvilian’s solar power canopy structures to meet both short- and long-term needs while avoiding the costs and time associated with erecting permanent structures.

So Come On, Venture Outside in Style and Comfort with Pvilion

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