Interior Solar Curtains

Wow. Pvilion’s Interior Solar Curtains will produce enough electricity, on this mostly-glass high rise, for the lighting in the building. When you’re gone, close the curtains, and the sun does the rest of the work. 

Blackout curtains, pleated curtains, drapery curtains, you name it. We can do it. Over 100,000 square feet of solar fabric is being produced for this one building alone. Nothing compares to Pvilion’s Solar Curtains, and the design aesthetic coupled with the computer-controlled drape system makes this the highest tech motorized curtain system in the world.


Pvilion x CL Talon Solar Facades

Solar Powered Cladding

Pvilion is proud to launch its first collaboration with CL Talon: a robust, lightweight, and easy to install solar facade system. Built using integrated solar cells and thermally isolated support system, the Pvilion x CL Talon facade system produces more energy on a vertical facade than many buildings can generate on their rooftops. 

Solar Facades

Pvilion’s solar facades serve multiple purposes. They reduce solar heat gain, reduce heating loads, and increase a building’s energy production capability. Using a patent-pending lamination and connection system, the Pvilion Solar Facade can generate up to 20 watts per square foot of surface area. For a typical vertical face, Pvilion Technology can produce 30+ kW per floor.